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I am pretty new to blogging, but I love reading blogs and looking at all of the creative ideas other cottage lovers have! I love thrifting, vintage items, and entertaining. I am also trying to start my own business, using my very own creativity. I make little girls Tutu's and I love making fun creative signs. I am learning to sew and can't wait to create with you! I am working on new inventory for the new year, so I will be updating it as much as I can!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Tablescpe and odds & ends

I hope everyone had a blessed and happy Easter!  I can tell you mine was wonderful, busy, and stressful all in one day!

This is my Easter table.  I did Yellow and Blue to brighten up the day!  Birds, Eggs, and Bunnies!  Perfect for a cheery Easter dinner.  We actually all went to Church that morning, rushed home and I apparantly didn't plan as well as I usually do, because I spent the next two hours scrambling to get things done!  My dear Mom helped me in the kitchen and we soon had dinner ready. 

This was the Mommy and Kiddie table!  I sat with my boy and a friend who has two little boys.  We sat here to keep the chaos away from the main table!

Now - onto a wonderful TJ Max find!  I got this beautiful 3 teir basket for 10$!  The item was badly bent and the screws would not tighten, so I asked for a discount!  I was ECSTATIC when she told me should would put it at 50% off!  My sweet Husband fixed her right up and it made the cutest little display for our plastic eggs!  I am debating on painting the whole thing in an antique white, with a bit of the brown showing through here and there! 

Ok - so this Friday I plan to announce my Very First Give-Away!  Check back soon for Details!

Ok, just a quick update on my cousin I mention with cancer.  She has been given just a week to live and if you would continue to keep her family in your prayers I am sure it would uplift them all.  She was actually doing well on Easter and spent some restful time with her kids.  She is not very cognizant of what is going on, but does not seem to be in pain.  _ Thank you!

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