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I am pretty new to blogging, but I love reading blogs and looking at all of the creative ideas other cottage lovers have! I love thrifting, vintage items, and entertaining. I am also trying to start my own business, using my very own creativity. I make little girls Tutu's and I love making fun creative signs. I am learning to sew and can't wait to create with you! I am working on new inventory for the new year, so I will be updating it as much as I can!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Busy again!

Well, I knew the calm before the storm would not last long.  I am once again busy with projects.  The first project is for my mom's best friends birthday party.  I am planning a small dinner party to celebrate her 50th birthday.  The color scheme is blue, pink, and silver.  for the most part I have the tablesscape together.  I am just trying to figure out a few details.

Here is my tablescape: Mercury glass candleholders and on the birthday night the center pot will be filled with flowers.

I want to fill the tray with some more items, but I am not 100% sure what I want to use.  I also need some suggestions on napkins and napkin rings.  Does anyone have any suggestions? 

I want to make this a special and fun occassion.  I would like to wow my guests with some wonderful little suprises and treats.  I would love ANY suggestions for that as well?  I plan to make some boxes to place at each spot.  I am going to use a small heart shaped box, painted pink or blue and fill them with something yummy. 

So, here is another project:

I am going to turn these two candle holders into one and Etch Faith and Hope on the hurrican.

This is the peice all together, with out the etching:

Once I finish this project it will become a gift for the birthday girl.  One of her favorite colors is red.  I will have a pair of these.  On one side will be the word Faith and on the other side will be the word hope.  As long as I get the lettering straight this should not be a very difficult project.  

I think I may also make a banner and of course I will take pictures once the entire space is decorated for the party.  My mom really wants this to be a special day for her dear friend.  They have known each other since they were 12.  Karen, my moms friend, lost her son Cody on July 4th 2008.  She then lost her father that Thanksgiving.  So, we really want to create a beautiful and special day for her.

The other projects I have going, besides my full time job, are two special occasions at my church.  We will be planning a Valentine's dinner for couples (this day happens to be my Birthday) and a Mother's Day Tea and Luncheon. (This one I have a bit of time to do the work)

Well, I plan to join the Foodie Friday again.  I will be featuring a Thai Coconut Soup.  It is just a Soupy time of year!

Well, my dear, sweet, and very passionate 2 year old, Jace, will be returning to pre-school tomorrow.  Jace is very, very energetic and spirited.  His pre-school and the teachers have really had a positive effect on him and helped him learn to better control himself.  It's also a nice break for the both of us.  He gets out of the house and has tons of fun and I can focus a few hours on my grown up girls job.  ( I heard this term used on Notes from a Cottage Industry and it really describes what my day job really is)

Well, I never really thought I would have so much to say.  I have really enjoyed blogging and I am working to get the hang of this.  I would like to have a regular schedule of when I post and I love the ideas of some of the weekly activities!  Maybe once I have a few readers. 

Well, Thanks for stopping by.  I hope everyone is having a great week!

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