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I am pretty new to blogging, but I love reading blogs and looking at all of the creative ideas other cottage lovers have! I love thrifting, vintage items, and entertaining. I am also trying to start my own business, using my very own creativity. I make little girls Tutu's and I love making fun creative signs. I am learning to sew and can't wait to create with you! I am working on new inventory for the new year, so I will be updating it as much as I can!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I apologize for being MIA for the past week and a half.  My big girl, day job has taken over my life this past month and free time has become something of a luxury.  I wanted to check in with everyone and say Hi. 

Well, I was working in my guest room, putting up ornaments and organizing some of my craft stuff and I had left a few boxes out.  My son snuck upstairs ( I thought he was in the office with my husband and was not) and did this damage in a few minutes.  The broken ornaments are my husbands from his mother.  It was very difficult to scold him, because it was so funny, but he did have to go to bed and take his nap earlier that day.  We are also grateful he didn't hurt himself with the glass.  Although, I ended up with a small cut on my finger.
The mischeif my son caused.

I had intended on posting some pictures from the party I hosted, but I had a camera mishap and lost all the pictures on my memory card.  I am going to try to get some copies from my mom and if I am able to, I will post the pcs at a later date.

I am very excited to announce that in the little bit of spare time I had this last week I decided to open up a booth space at an antique shop in Argyle, Tx.  Currently my booth space is pretty small and slightly hidden, but at the end of the month I am moving into a bigger space.  I am also going to be shop shop shopping as much as I can this month to get my space filled up.  I want to find a few things to put on my website and also in the antique shop.

The shop name is
Meadows of Memories and Momentos

Well I hope everyone else is having a great week.  I will be pretty busy through the next 2 months with my Big Girl job, but I intend to set aside more time for the blog now that the big work hurdle has been passed.
I want to update everyone on all of my finds and exciting treasure hunting I do.  

I kick off the hunt on Saturday in Bowie, Texas at Second Monday! 

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